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We build the most powerful test and measurement solutions that brings you full confidence in and control over your product. We add value. We are GPower.

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I founded the Danish engineering company GPower in 2012 with the goal of pushing the boundaries in the fields of data acquisition, data generation, control systems, simulators, and automation.

I love working with LabVIEW and all the technical bits and pieces that make up complex electromechanical systems that measure stuff or control things. Graphical programming is so intuitive to me, and with LabVIEW we have a graphical programming language just as versatile as C++ or the languages within .Net, while on top being really powerful at math and talking to physical hardware. And LabVIEW is performant too, it's definetely comparable to traditional compiled languages.

In 2012 I found myself at an impasse, where it seemed the world around me was satisfied with the status quo. I wanted to improve on that situation on a number of fronts, for instance:

  • Explore software architectures and do more object oriented programming.
  • Build tools and re-use components to gradually bring more value to our customers.
  • Delve into why stuff fails so we can fix it instead of just work silently around it.
  • Drive development instead of just sit back and let others invent the world around us.

Hence, GPower.

I started out alone with a vision, but soon found out that there are others that share my passion for doing more with the tools we love. For learning. For improving. Thus, over the last few years I have welcomed a handful of the most keen LabVIEW developers into GPower, and we have grown even more together.

WE are GPower.

- Steen Schmidt, Founder of GPower


Our engineers service customers in Northern Europe, mainly in Denmark, while our in-house developed software solutions are used by more than a thousand customers worldwide.

We have selected National Instruments as one of our main technology partners, as they provide the most complete range of industrial hardware with the software suite to match. Since we work with all kinds of electromechanical devices and must interface to all sorts of technologies, NI LabVIEW and TestStand are the perfect tools for our job.

We do desktop, mobile, and embedded solutions such as NI CompactRIO and sbRIO, and we master industrial platforms such as PXI. With us you are partnering up with some of the most proficient with those tools.

Our mission is to be the professional partner who builds the tools that enable you to reach your goals fast and with confidence. Our skills and instruments are constantly refined to make them worthy building blocks for future projects to stand on. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

A strong team

To thrive at GPower we must be prepared and able to lead in our field, and we must be dedicated to improve on what we learned yesterday.

In such an environment good ideas pop up all the time, and at GPower we embrace them and are eager to put our curiosity to work. We feel that most days bring us new experiences while we apply our professional experience and capabilities to the fullest.

We are GPower.
We are a strong team.

We understand your business

We understand your business

GPower's professional consultants are equally at home teaming up with your test and production staff, in R&D, and working with financial and business decision makers.

We have decades of experience within fields such as test & measurement, machine control, and simulation, and we are domain experts in greentech, industrial production, and real-time embedded systems.

We understand your challenges.
Expect us to deliver the solutions.

Siemens Case

SiemensImproved quality and reliability

With wind turbine simulators Siemens Wind Power experiences a highly accelerated iteration rate when verifying turbine controller software. This increases R&D performance and translates directly into improved quality and reliability of Siemens wind turbines.

We have helped Siemens realize state of the art wind turbine simulation from proof of concept, over design and architecture, to implementation and continuous improvement.

News & Knowledge

NI selected our Expression Parser toolset as finalist for the Product of the Year 2015 award