The combination of competitiveness, focus, and many years in the trade has equipped us with a strong and broad palette of skills. There are some areas where our skills and expertise are more outstanding than others, areas in which we call ourselves domain experts.

Production testing of electronic devices on all assembly levels. ICT, FCT, calibration, and visual inspection. Stand-alone units, inline ATEs, and bed-of-nails fixtures.
For more than 10 years we have serviced the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers and some of the big players in the solar power and fuel cell industries.
Applications running without ever missing a beat and data synchronized to the nanosecond, we can guarantee you determinism when you need it.

Siemens Case

SiemensImproved quality and reliability

With wind turbine simulators Siemens Wind Power experiences a highly accelerated iteration rate when verifying turbine controller software. This increases R&D performance and translates directly into improved quality and reliability of Siemens wind turbines.

We have helped Siemens realize state of the art wind turbine simulation from proof of concept, over design and architecture, to implementation and continuous improvement.

News & Knowledge

NI selected our Expression Parser toolset as finalist for the Product of the Year 2015 award