High quality development libraries for LabVIEW. A golden opportunity to sample the GPower quality and get ahead with your own LabVIEW development at the same time.

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GPower toolsets

High quality, high performance, and very relevant LabVIEW development tools for download. Select individual downloads or download all the latest versions in one package.

Main reasons behind these toolsets:

  • When functionality is missing. GPower toolsets are full of unique functions and APIs.
  • When flexibility is lacking. For instance, many existing functions are not polymorphic. GPower toolsets aim at automatically adapting to all the most common datatypes, which in turn means that all the small implementation differences are already thought of. Like what should happen at range overflow, the algorithm differences between floating point and integer input and so on.
  • When major performance improvements can be made over existing functions. In some cases GPower toolsets outperform similar libraries 50x.

Where some companies tend to keep their internal toolbox to themselves, we are proud to make ours available to you. Most of it free of charge even. Here you can find some of the software we use as basis for our business. And there is always more interesting stuff in the making to keep an eye out for on this site.

The value of GPower toolsets

Our downloads basically fall into three categories:

  • Trivial. Functions that you do over and over and need to document over and over. Then you skip documenting them because they are so boring, and then your code starts to rot with bigger and bigger undocumented portions.
    Example of trivial function
  • Tricky. Functions with an obvious but wrong implementation, and a much trickier but correct implementation. Count on us to have done the correct implementation once and for all.
    Example of tricky function
  • Really complex. Toolsets you probably wouldn't ever get the time to do yourself, but you do a half baked implementation of from time to time. VI Register for instance: 5 years of development time, queues packaged just right, free. Or Expression Parser: 15 Mb source code, 200 VIs, and development traces almost 20 years back.

Compatible with LabVIEW

Endorsed by NI

Our downloads are also available through the LabVIEW Tools Network on ni.com, and thus officially endorsed by National Instruments.

Before a product is allowed onto ni.com it has undergone rigorous scrutiny by NI to make sure it is worthy of NI backing. That review process ensures the quality of the code itself, conformity with coding styles, sufficient documentation, included examples where necessary, and a company behind the software capable of supporting you. Just like the certification process helps us become better software developers, this NI review process helps us deliver better software as well.

I / My company won't...

We hear developers tell different stories about why they do not use third party toolsets. It usually has something to do with toolsets being of too poor quality to be of any good, and then when you want to modify them to suit your needs the source code is impossible to figure out or maybe even locked down with a password. Or perhaps your company policy does not allow the use of third party toolsets.

The latter we can't do much about. Except that such company policy usually stems from the fear of infecting your business with open source licenses that force your own software into the public domain as well. For some free software that is the case, which is why our free software won't do that to you. Read an explanation of the BSD license we use.

The former is exactly why GPower toolsets exists. Our toolsets are of very high quality, high performance, well documented, and the free ones have full source code included and are never locked with a password. They will probably save you hundreds of hours of your own time.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions we'd very much like to hear about it. Don't hesitate to contact us so as many people as possible can benefit from your ideas as well. Happy programming!

News & Knowledge

NI selected our Expression Parser toolset as finalist for the Product of the Year 2015 award