Electronic production

Production testing of electronic devices on all assembly levels. ICT, FCT, calibration, and visual inspection. Stand-alone units, inline ATEs, and bed-of-nails fixtures.

Electronic production

Electronic production testing

GPower is rooted in the electronics industry. We know how electronics are born, how it is designed, what its purposes are, and how its life should be - thermal envelope, electrical limits, environmental compatibility, and its interfaces to the surrounding world. And we know how and why electronics fail.

We have also worked with computers and software for many years, to the point where we have just as intimate knowledge of the software life-cycle as we have of electronics. This makes us very good at electronic production testing.

We have completed hundreds of successful testing projects:

  • In-circuit testing (ICT).
  • Functional testing (FCT).
  • Calibration.
  • Device programming.
  • Visual inspection of displays, LEDs, and labels.
  • Mechanical verification of buttons, audio verification of buzzers and speakers.
  • Tests on component level, board level, sub-assembly level, and final testing.
  • Stand-alone test systems and high-speed inline ATEs.
  • Industrial protocols, connectors, bed-of-nails fixtures and receivers.
  • Sequential, batch, and parallel testing.

Complete systems

Most of GPower in-house manufacture will be software in the form of instrument drivers, test frameworks etc, but we are also capable of delivering complete hardware systems, including:

  • Racks built-to-order.
  • Modular instruments such as PXI.
  • Box instruments such as LXI.
  • Cabling.
  • Signal conditioning.
  • Fixtures and receivers.

Relevant cases

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News & Knowledge

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