Tempted to join us ?

We are constantly on the lookout for new bright colleagues. If you are confident in your skills and your ability to learn we'd be thrilled to get to know you. Don't worry too much if you don't have 15 years of experience with LabVIEW, read more to find out what we're looking for.

Electronics and software

The basic trait of a GPower employee is to have one foot planted in electronics and the other in software. Getting those two to play well together is key, on top of that it's not too important exactly which educational background you have.

Electronics skills could be as a professional engineer (EE), it could be from working as a technician with production or R&D, or it could be academic instrumentation experience from a lab for instance.

Software is both embedded and high-level. Both have a value in what we work with.


Knowing electronics and software is one thing, understanding how they play together in electromechanical systems is another. And this is the playmaker: You must have a feel for how software is an integral part of a system - firmware is a component of a device just like IO HW is, and drivers and UI are components of a test system just like instruments, cables, and computers are. If you have a good feel for systems, you might be capable of taking on the tasks that we face.

Not a LabVIEW expert? Not a problem

We are some of the world leaders with LabVIEW and TestStand, and you eventually will be as well. But you don't have to be from the start. With a solid understanding of electronics and software, and an ability for learning, there's no place better to develop your LabVIEW skills than at GPower.

You don't necessarily need years and years of prior work experience either. People have all sorts of backgrounds, and if you feel you can contribute to GPower straight out of engineering school or university, please come talk to us.

We do work very closely and one-on-one with our customers, so you'll have to be confident around other people. Also people you meet for the first time, and who'll expect you to understand and solve their problems pretty quickly. You won't be thrown out alone from the start, but good basic social skills are important.

We do not have a specific job opening, but for the right person there will be room here. We work mainly in Denmark, with perhaps a couple of travel days abroad per year.

If what you see on our webpage looks interesting and you think you have what it takes, please contact us - you'll find contact info on this website.

Siemens Case

SiemensImproved quality and reliability

With wind turbine simulators Siemens Wind Power experiences a highly accelerated iteration rate when verifying turbine controller software. This increases R&D performance and translates directly into improved quality and reliability of Siemens wind turbines.

We have helped Siemens realize state of the art wind turbine simulation from proof of concept, over design and architecture, to implementation and continuous improvement.

News & Knowledge

NI selected our Expression Parser toolset as finalist for the Product of the Year 2015 award